Cumberland Valley Education Association

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CVEA is a dynamic, democratic organization of our school district’s teachers committed to advancing public education for all students, and fostering the dignity and worth of its members through collective action. We care about the children because they are OUR children and our children’s playmates and we know they will grow up to be the leaders of tomorrow.

CVEA views the school district and the community as our partners in giving our children the best possible education and every advantage, including respect and self-discipline, self-reliance and independent thinking as well as "reading, writing, and arithmetic!"

Summer 2011: Officers in Action

Photo of officers Photo of officers

Paul Wade, Robin Gilbert & Bryan Hower.

What is that symbol?

United Education Profession symbolIt is the United Education Profession symbol. The symbol combines the legacy of the past, through the ancient Greek word for education, with an arrow, representing education's continuous movement forward. The background, a spherical triangle, represents the mutually supportive programs of local, state, and national education associations united in the advancement of public education.